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STORM Business Idea Contest’s aim is to find potential business ideas, which can be processed to real life solutions for businesses.

LAB University of Applied Sciences

STORM offers you the best opportunity to assess your business ideas, in addition STORM can be your first step toward being an entrepreneur. Also nowadays recruiters are looking for entrepreneurial-minded people to hire, so this contest is good opportunity show that you got one

Application period begins September 9th and lasts until October 13th.

All participants will take part in a raffle (the raffle will be organized in the Final STORM event on 19th November) for:
* 2 Ipad Pros.

The finalists will receive:
* pitching training; pitching for the audience in the STORM finals

The winning team will receive:
* Tickets to Slush
* Consultation about immaterial rights / Berggren Oy
* Support in developing their business idea in spring 2020

The finalists will receive:
* pitching training; pitching for the audience in the STORM finals

About five best ideas will be selected for the final.

No, all the applications will be assessed only when the application period is finished.

The official languages of STORM Idea Contest are both English and Finnish. It means, that you can walk through the whole competition process in English or Finnish

Students and employees in Lahti region from:
LAB University of Applied Sciences
Salpaus Further Education
LUT University
Helsinki University
Haaga-Helia, Vierumäki unit

You can participate in max. 3 applications (total; individual or team member)

Yes, you can apply either in a team or individually. There is a limitation number of 6 members in your team though.

A business idea and a will to develop the idea forward is all you need to attend the STORM. Also, you need to fill in the application form in required timeframe (9.9. - 13.10.)

Often very similar ideas originate in different places at the same time. If the ideas are rated equal the first left idea application will have priority in contest. Jury do not inform different teams about similar ideas. Jury can contact your team and ask your willingness to cooperate with another team. Contact between two teams will be formed only after both teams have given their agreement to cooperate to jury.

You can withdraw your application until the end of the application period by email After application period you can also withdraw by email to this same address. If you have been selected to the final you are liable to take part to pitching education for one day and do the pitching in competition Final.

All ideas with business potential are welcomed to STORM Business Idea Contest. There are no limitations by area of business or technology.

Only the jury has access to your applications and they will be assessed in a confidential way. You own the intellectual property rights (IPR) to your idea therefore you need to take care of the IPR protection yourself in the extend you want (patents, trademarks etc.)

Prior experience is not necessary, but it can help you in development of your idea after the contest.

The finalists will be informed personally by email by 5th of November. Please note that If you are applying in a team, only the contact person will be informed about the selection. Applications will be deleted after the competition Final, so take care that you have your own copy of application material.

We may give feedback in some cases but due to the large amount of applications we cannot promise it to everyone personally.

The organizer will provide you a pitching training workshop, where you will get professional guidance how to do a professional pitching of your idea. Then you need to be prepared for the final pitch.

Personal guidance how to pitch your idea, you need to do the slides but you will get direct advise how to do and what are the key things in pitching the idea.

Yes, pitching your business idea is the only way to win.

The pitching workshop and the final of STORM are mandatory for the finalists

The Final STORM will be held on November 19th in Auditorium of Mukkulankatu 19. The final will last from 12-16, the official program will be published later though.

Everybody is more than welcome to attend The Final STORM.

If you want to develop your business idea further, you can read more about Accelerator programs provided by LAB University of Applied Scineces at

Yes, STORM Idea Contest will be held annually. The next STORM Idea Contest will be held Autumn 2020; thus, you have the opportunity to develop your business idea for the next STORM.

All the finalists can be awarded with a certificate.

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